Bungalows in a company town: Powell River, British Columbia

…and House Design Six:

An Edwardian bungalow (not a ‘California’ bungalow) with a deep veranda and a central entrance.

One of the most popular house designs in Powell River, there were many of this style of home built, therefore House Design Six naturally has had the most opportunities to be altered. Here is a gallery of an intact example of this design, and several examples of once-identical homes that have been renovated over the years…

Hopefully you have enjoyed a tour of historic Powell River, and puzzled your way through how the design of homes can be altered through the years, and noted how even small changes can alter the original design of a house…

We leave you with a photograph of the historic ‘EXIT’ sign from the ballroom of  Dwight Hall in Powell River:

Until next time.

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