Clinker bricks and Arts & Crafts Houses

Clinker bricks are to be prized as an integral part of an Arts & Crafts house. They were also sometimes used in later American ‘Colonial Revival’ style houses where a false ‘pre-industrial’ appearance was deemed both appropriate and attractive.

Even Edwardian Classical or Colonial Revival buildings used Clinker bricks to good effect

Clinker bricks were sometimes incorporated into large walls to add visual appeal to what otherwise could be a plain, uninteresting facade. Hotel built c1912

Clinker bricks should be treated carefully, since modern brick making does not produce clinker bricks today, and replacements for restoration projects have to be found at rare salvage yards that would specialize in older building materials.

Clinker bricks: truly, one (Victorian) man’s garbage is another (Arts & Crafts) man’s treasure!

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